Fluffy the puppy's trip to the Vet

Fluffy the puppy's trip to the Vet blog post

Ruff-ruff!! Hello humans! I decided to take some time out of my busy puppy schedule to write something on the blog. I had a traumatic week and wanted to share stuff. Puppies have issues too you know.

I was forced to go on a little trip to the Vet again on Tuesday. I think Vet is short for very evil trap. I knew something wasn't right. There was way too much grooming going on. Renza human bathed and brushed me. I messed up my hair again and took a roll in the sand afterwards.

I ignored all the signs. Never again! Grrr! Renza human says the first three months are done now. My next visit is only next year. Lets hope so and she's not lying to me.

There were so many dogs and cats at the Vet. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was so quiet. Whats up with that? Bet they all know what's waiting for them behind those creepy white doors.

One big dog in particular came out of the creepy white door room and they had to pull him across the floor because he decided not to walk anymore. It was funny, until I started to wonder what actually happened behind those doors that made him forget how to walk...

Fluffy the puppy's trip to the Vet
At Vet looking at drooling dog
I started to panic, but calmed down again. There were a few droolers that made the floor wet. They were all really scared. "Cleanup please!", I yelled. Ruff! I guess they don't respond like mommy when I tell her to come clean up my messes.

I sat quietly on mommy's lap. Did I just call her mommy?! What did this human do to me? She's so goofy and kinda grew on me like a fungus. Her mommy also went with to make sure I'm calm. I like her mommy sooo much. I even allow her to pick me up and I lick her face. I do my little greet dance every time I see her. Then she goes all screamy from excitement. Guess the craziness runs in the family.

When it was my turn after waiting forever, the needle man did unspeakable things to me. He said my temperature is normal. Find another way to measure temperature Dr. Stabby! Mommy calmed me down, but it lasted only a minute. Next was the big needle of pain.

Needleman injected me with it not once, but twice. Well he had to hold me while another needleman stabbed me because I started to panic. Yep! He duplicated himself. I then made a little accident on him. Oooh he looked mad. That will teach him! Grrr!!

Anyway I got my worm tablet afterwards that mommy mixed with my food and I'm all done now. It was a very traumatic day for me. Plus mommy Renza was driving and she's a new driver. "There's a hole in the road!", I yell. Ruff! She just drives over it. Geez!

I chewed a little of her car at the back the other day. I could see the steam coming out of her ears. I need more chew toys human! Hope she gets the message now.

Time to go now. I'm off to play with some cap I found. Who's cap is it? No one knows. Guess it's mine now. Buffy wants to wrestle me for it but I don't like letting go of things.

The human is training me to 'let go', but I just do it for treats. Keep the treats coming human!! Keep them coming!


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Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands and destroying everything in sight
Dislikes: Baths, being picked up and self-cloning Needleman

Pic credit: Renza human took pics of Buffy and I edited. Main pic mixed with pixabay pic. 

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7 Ways to help your stressed out human

dogs help stress buffyandrenza.blogspot.com

Woof! Hello guys! I'm back! It seems like I'm not writing that much anymore. Oh it's because Fluffy took over my other spot. She's taking over everything! Grrr!!

Anyway...today's topic is about vein popping humans. Sorry, I mean humans that stress a lot. Unfortunately stress is very common. My Renza suffered from stress and it made her very ill.

Stress is normally caused by things that overwhelm the human. They may think they can't cope and don't have the skills to deal with a situation. Most things can't be controlled. We can only control our reaction to the problem. Unfortunately that's how life works.

Some stresses can be good. It means the human is busy doing things and their life is not standing still. A lot of stress though, is a cause for concern. It can lead to serious health problems. Luckily doggies have the ability to relief stress when our human looks like they're going to explode. Lets look at what we can do to help them out.

How dogs can help with relieving stress

1. Don't add to the stress.

This is important you guys. I know it's tempting to go crazy and chew things you shouldn't, make a mess or dig up the yard. I dug a hole just the other day while Renza was busy combing Fluffy's hair. I wanted to play and mommy took too long so I started digging.

They thought I wanted to throw Fluffy in the hole. She was still small. Mommy stressed because I was full of sand and dirty. I don't dig often. I just wanted to play. So now she knows when I'm in play mode to drop everything and play with me or give me a toy.

2. Cuddles, petting and lots of affection.

Dogs can sense what mood our human is in. Make sure that you're close by if they seem unstable. I just lie a distance away from Renza and stare at her. Then move closer so that I can sleep at her feet. She likes that. It makes her happy to know she's not alone and I'm there for her.

I lick her and she knows that's how I show my affection. Just the act of our human petting or looking at us reduces their stress. A study was done. I'm not making these things up. Some humans even let their pet sleep on the bed with them. Mommy don't allow that because she says Fluffy and I will make her bed dirty. I don't disagree with Renza. Fluffy messes a lot you guys.

3. Help out and keep your human busy.

Fluffy needs loads of attention. I keep her busy so that mommy does not have to watch her every second. Besides keeping Fluffy occupied, I'm teaching her how to guard, improve her reflexes and how to control her bite through our play sessions. It gets really rough you guys. Don't worry, I can handle her.

Mommy has started obedience training. Fluffy learnt the sit, down and hello (give paw) each trick in one minute. She's really smart. It took me a whole week to learn each. I was 7 that time so not my fault. Next mommy will teach her drop it, stay and release.

She has a good recall already with the squeak toy. If she's trained it will prevent future stress. Keeping busy with Fluffy and I helps mommy. When your human is idle for too long they get bored and then they feel down. So keep them busy while doing your part to help out too.

4. Don't fight with your other pet housemates.

Fluffy is my little sister and she does her puppy thing. Sometimes it's a bit too much. I retreat to my kennel and let mommy know by giving her 'the look'.  She then puts Fluffy where she can't bother me. I love playing with her, but I'm not a puppy anymore and need my rest. I don't want to fight with Fluffy so I step away from the situation.

Fighting will just upset Renza. I have her personality. I step away instead of engaging. We hate fighting. If someone does not stop then we'll warn them a few times. If it escalates then...well they were warned. Hurricane Renza will destroy you and well I guess me too. We are soul twinsies after all. Grrr!!!

5. Make your human laugh.

Doggies and the cats can be really funny. So do what you do best and be silly. Renza cracks up when Fluffy tries to climb on my back (not so funny for me). We entertain her by showing off our running skills. I'm faster. Fluff gives mommy some much needed exercise because she likes to collect things she shouldn't (not so funny for Renza). Run Renza run!

6. Greet your human properly when they get home.

No bark yelling at you human for leaving you alone. You better wag a tail and jump for joy. Your human will feel much better after a long stressful day if it looks like you missed them.

7. Listen when they talk. 

I know the humans can talk a lot, but sometimes talking to their pets is all they need. As a human species they like to judge each other. Not all, but most. So if your human strikes up a conversation, make sure you seem interested. They'll feel better after they talked it out with you.

It's tough out there for them you guys. Most have no idea how to deal with stress. I saw how it almost destroyed my Renza. She had to stop working because she was on her way to crazy town.

Luckily she learnt some coping skills and she has me and the giant puppy Fluffy to help her out. Who grows that fast? Is that normal? Soon she will dominate our wrestling play sessions. She acts like a boy, but she's a girl. Scary!

Time to go now. Fluffy will drop by next week to say hello and tell you what she's been up too. It can't be anything good. She's getting crazier by the day.

Woof! Woof!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit:  Mommy Renza, Buffy and Fluffy posing in pics. Main pic from Pexels free stock images that mommy edited.

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Gift ideas for Valentine's day

Soon we will be seeing red everywhere. Everywhere! Valentine's day is almost upon us. I didn't want to write a post about my non-existing love life or some why it's awesome to be single list thing. It's not! So I decided to do a gift idea post. I know, I know Valentine's Day is commercial, but those who are in a relationship can't escape this day. You guys are unfortunately doomed to be romantic on this day or else. I'm glad I don't have that problem.

Without a gift you will be in the dog house. The girl might say, "It's fine don't buy me anything", but when they see everyone else getting nice things then they won't be too happy with you. I compiled a list of gifts girls might like or what I would like. I am a girl so my opinion counts for something. I have no idea what to buy a guy for Valentine's day. Do men even get gifts? Or are they the gift givers? If that's the case then I apologise for this love day and you guys having to do all the work. Some of these things can be gifts for guys as well. Anyway, here's my list of gift ideas for Valentine's day.

Spa gift card - The gift of pampering. Who wouldn't want this?

Earrings - The gift of pretty jewelry. As someone that makes jewelry I just love these earrings. There are many other designs. These just stood out for me.

Engraved Necklace - I think engraved jewelry are cool. It's like a special little message you carry with you to remind you that someone out there loves you. Awwwww.

More pretty earrings - What?! I love earrings.

Cute socks - The gift of warm feet. There's a saying "getting cold feet" when someone is scared to commit. Why not warm up their feet. Well it's not that simple, but it could be a symbolic gift. For me personally, I saw these cute socks with dog faces on. Maybe Fluffy will stop biting my heels and just lick them. Hmm...

Pajamas - The gift of comfort. I know these pajamas look really dull. I actually love the ones with characters on and that are really bright. I like bright colours. It's more about the idea. Please don't buy someone a onesie unless you see they are onesie collectors. They are uncomfortable and the worst thing that existed since the crocs. Remember those horrible things?

RFID Wallet - The gift of security. All woman love it when their guy can protect them from bad things. I saw this cool wallet while browsing Amazon. It's made out of a special fabric that helps to secure your credit cards and other cards from being scanned by criminals. There are guy wallets like this too.

Handbags - The gift of carry my life with me. Well I carry a lot of junk with me wherever I go. I think that's true for most women. Or all of us. We can never have too many bags.

Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder - The gift of convenience. I do my own hair and have no interests in going to a hair salon. That's just me. So for years I kept thinking why don't they make a thing that you can fit your hairdryer in so that you don't have to hold it while busy drying your hair. Just imagine how rich I would be now if I actually designed and patented this thing. But someone else did I see. Too bad for me. Luckily no more holding a brush and hair dryer at the same time. I have to get me one Asap!

There you go! There's obviously other options. Someone once gave me a dolphin lamp and a teddy bear. I love collecting lamps, dolphin things and yes I still have teddy bears. Lol. My dogs will probably tear them apart, so I keep them out of reach. 

Like with all gifts it should be personal. You know by now what the person likes. The more personal the gift, the better. You can't go wrong with a box of chocolates, gift basket, flowers and a mushy card either. Everyone loves that! Hope all of you have a lovely Valentine's day. 

Even if you don't have a Valentine that's ok too. There's no rule that says you can't spoil yourself. I have my two doggies that give me unconditional love and I love them more than anything. Fluffy might be slowing chewing through my skin, but she crawled deep into my heart and I'll protect her and Buffy until my last breath. That means I have a lot of love in my life.

Valentine's day is for everyone that has someone they love and that loves them back. Not just for couples. If you feel sad on this day because you're single, don't. Look around. I'm sure you have a lot of love in your life too. 

Until next time
Goodbye :-)

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