How To Show Your Dog You Love Them

How To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Those who read my previous post about dog people, know I was never really a dog person until my Buffy changed the way I see dogs. I was clueless after that. Suddenly I had this fluffy new best friend and I had no idea what to do. He did not understand me and I did not understand him. 

Dogs can understand some human language, but it’s more about us showing them by our actions and repeating those actions and words over and over until it clicks. 

So it’s pointless shouting at them. A dog’s hearing is far more superior than our hearing. You actually need to show them what you want them to do and reward them with lots of praise, treats and their favourite toy

There are many ways to show your dog love. So I decided to list a few things that helped build trust with me and my Buffy, how I showed him I love him and how I learnt to understand my dog better. 

I am not a dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This is what I used for my own dog that I found helped a lot.  

Give your dog affection

Yes, I know some people don’t like touching dogs. But petting your dog for a few seconds is not going to kill you. I didn’t like it either. My human best friend suggested I try it. Best place to touch is under the chin, at the back of head, ears and some like the belly. You know your dog best, so you can see what they prefer.  

Play with you dog

Take some time out of your busy day and play with them. Dogs go crazy for a game of fetch. You need to train your dog the "let go" trick or else you will be like me that had to find ways to get the ball from Buffy, because he was a heavy resource guarder.

Train your furry bestie

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to train a dog. Kikopup on YouTube is just one example.  There are others but I like how detailed her videos are. 

Make sure your dog knows the basic obedience commands. Sit, down, stay, come and heel. After that you can start some fun tricks, like give paw, roll over and whatever else you feel like teaching. 

Dogs are really smart. If it looks like he is not listening to you, it could just be you need to take a step back and build up slowly to where he did understand. Remember they learn by repetition and you need to be clear on what you want. 

Keep training sessions short. Ten minutes at a time, maybe 2 times a day or else your dog and you will get frustrated. Make it fun and give lots of praise and treats. Buffy prefers small pieces of chicken, cheese and cold meats.

Hand feed your dog

Not his main meals. For main meals I let my dog sit or do the down command before he gets his bowl of food. Hand feeding goes hand in hand with when you’re training or if you just want to build trust.

If you’re scared, try putting the treat in front of the dog. Repeat several times. He will soon see you are the source of nice treats and will start licking your hand, at that point try letting him eat out of you hand.

With my dog, if we are just hanging out I would give him a treat every time he makes eye contact with me when I say his name or he just needs to lie there calmly and wait a few moments for his treat. It teaches him to be patient, also that his name is associated with good things and it strengthens our bond.

Learn your dog’s body language

Dogs have their own language. You can tell by how they move or behave what they are actually saying. When my dog has his tail between legs, head down and licking lips he is really nervous and scared. 

That’s happens mostly when it's time for his bath or flea treatment. I’ve learnt to let my dog come to me instead of me invading his space. Dogs like their alone time too. 

They will just get frustrated with you if you’re always there wanting to hang out. When my dog is in a mood I would just go sit where he can see me with food and eat in front of him. 

One, two, three and he’s there wanting me to share my food with him. Well I was going to share anyways, I always make extra for him.

So these are the things I tried to build trust and love with my dog. You will need a lot of patience. Dogs move at their own pace. Match their pace and that will bring you so much closer to your furry bestie.

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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