5 Foolproof Ways to Get Away With Anything Every Time

5 Foolproof Ways to Get Away With Anything Every Time

Woof! Hello you guys! I'll have to admit I'm not always the good boy mommy Renza is making me out to be. She always takes my side and that makes everyone think I do everything right. Her taking my side also means I can get away with anything.

Fluffy on the other hand gets blamed for everything. She always gets caught. She has not perfected the art of looking innocent although you're guilty yet.

We tore apart both our beds and Fluffy was caught. So mommy said she's very naughty and keeps bringing it up now. Fluffy the destroyer.

I helped destroy the beds. My blanket too. Except I did not get blamed. Why is that? I thought about it and I'll share a few things I think helped me escape the blame game.

1. I'm very fluffy

My fluffyness makes me soft and cuddly. Fluffy still needs more fluff. Ironic yes! Mommy Renza loves soft things. I don't allow her to cut my hair. If she does manage to cut it, I'll be less fluffy and more blamable.

Not all doggies have fluff, but then again not all dog moms and dads like fluff. You need to know what it is about your breed that they love and play it up. Rub it in their faces. It's your best weapon. Whether it's your head tilting skills, your comforting licks or whatever you do that makes you adorable.

2. Play the victim.

I'm not saying go and pick a fight with a dog. Maybe a cat. My bad experience with the doggies next door made mommy Renza see only my goodness and she could not be bothered if I do terrible things like trying to attack the neighbour.

She just says it's the neighbour's own fault and he deserves it. Grrr! I've been a good boy with other people though. I'm trying my best you guys. Go fight a cat and pretend to lose. I'm sure it will turn up the sympathy levels.

3. Sad eyes.

I look at mommy with sad eyes after I've been naughty. She then hugs me and tells me not to do it again. Practice the sad eyes. It's a valuable trait.

4. Don't yell back.

When Fluffy is naughty and mommy says she must stop it, she yells back. Big mistake! Just keep quiet. You're making it obvious you're naughty and can't be trusted with anything.

5. Stop whatever you're doing.

When we're caught and Fluffy continues on her rampage, I slowly distance myself from the situation. That way it looks like she did it all by herself.

If you don't have a sibling to put the blame on, just stop whatever you're doing and remove yourself from the room. I normally bend my head down and go lie a distance away while Fluffy is running in circles around mommy with something in her mouth.

She perfected the art of not being caught by running fast in circles. I'm more of a be quiet and stay calm type of doggie.

Hope that helps you guys. The humans don't always understand our need to rip things apart. I don't do it often, it's just when Fluffy finds something to tug on I can't help myself. She forces me to play tug with her and a doggie can't resist.

These blame dodging ways can work for humans too. Mommy Renza always looks innocent and gets away with anything. I learnt from the best. Now I'm using it on her.

Time to go now. I see Fluffy is eating a shoe again. Whose shoe? I don't know. I think I'll go sleep rather. I don't want to be associated with that crime.

Woof! Woof!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Me (Buffy) and Fluffy posing in pics. Plus Pixabay free stock images that mommy Renza edited.

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Learning How to Communicate with People Online and in Real Life

Learning How to Communicate with People Online and in Real Life.

Our Life and Dog stuff blog is about 6 months old now. Time flies yes! No, this is not a halfyearaversary post. I'll do one when we're a year old. I wanted to write about learning how to communicate with people on social media and in real life. I thought sharing my experience might help others struggling to communicate.

Before this blog I hated social media. My first dose was with Facebook and I couldn't stand it. I posted probably once on there. Watched as my friends posted about their lives and then deactivated my account. I've never used my Twitter or G+ either. I was non-existent on social media and I preferred it that way.

Then I went and started my blog. Like every blogger I wanted my blog to be read, but it was a graveyard over here. I started researching what to do to drive traffic to the graveyard and social media came up a lot. Google won't go indexing a new blog immediately and ranking it high for everyone to see. Especially not a blogspot blog.

I was forced to start using social media. I can't describe it really, but I had this message that I needed to share with the world. It was not a "do I really have to?", but a "I must do this". I was really scared, but the fear passed once I worked through it.

Luckily I started with Google Plus and not one of the other social media platforms. I followed loads of blogging communities and started reading and commenting on other blogger's blogs.

Then I stumbled onto a group of supportive bloggers (♥) and I knew this blogging thing was going to turn out just fine. My page views suddenly increased. Not by much, but it's climbing every week.

The more I interact with people online, the more my blog grows. I'm still testing what works best for what I write about. My topics aren't really things people search for.

Steps on how to dominate the world, surviving wash day and crazy humans will not make the list of popular search terms.

These topics just come to me and I can't really control what happens when I start writing. The crazyness just flows through my pen. That means social shares are important for my blog and building relationships online is a must.

Learning to Communicate

I was never good at communicating. I was always very shy. Plus I'm an introvert. That combination meant I had no social skills at all.

I always froze up when someone tried to talk to me and gave one word answers. Loads of time was spent trying to crawl into the nearest hole. Lol!

I got a little better at it as I grew older and when I started making friends, but it was one of those skills I had a hard time cracking. Especially when talking to random people.

When I started working, all my jobs involved communicating with people. I worked in IT. They tell me what's wrong and I guide them to fix the problem. So there was a lot of talking and intuition involved.

I say intuition because people omit information that makes you the listener not understand what they need or want.

I got good at reading between the lines and asking the type of questions that helped me understand better and to make the person tell me things they forgot to mention.

I also had to know what type of person I'm dealing with in the first 15 seconds and adjust to their level. Yes, you either mimic them or if they are upset you stay calm, empathise with them and try to bring them down to your level.

Note that I hated this job, but it taught me a lot about different types of people and communicating with them.

Everything we see as different about someone is just the labels we mentally assigned to them. Remove their titles, what they have or don't have, their personality traits or whatever makes them different from me, then they are just human. A human like me.

Mimic Whaaat?

Mimicking/mirroring can be copying someones body language, using the same tone of voice as them and also repeating words back that they use.

If someone says "hello", don't say "hi". Say "hello" back. Matching their words are important. It makes them feel you're on the same level. It works for many other words too.

You just need to listen to the type of language they use, what they do with their hands and feet and if their voice tone is slow, fast, upbeat etc. Don't be a parrot and weird them out. Be subtle.

These things normally come natural to us, but for someone like me with zero social skills, it was something I had to become aware of by studying people that's good at communicating.

Know that mimicking someone does not mean have no opinion of your own and just repeating what the other person is saying and agreeing with them. Always be yourself.

Give Compliments

People like when you notice they put effort into something. In real life when I see someone that I know, I always compliment them. I was not even aware that I was doing it until I researched The 5 love languages.

It's something natural I do because I love when people notice when I put effort into something. You can compliment someone on how they look, if they created something awesome, for doing a great job etc.

I don't care too much about being complimented on how I look. I'm more of a compliment me for this tasty meal I just prepared for you or "look I created this, do you like it?" type. It makes me feel good that my hours of effort gets noticed. I'm only human after all.

Same applies when on social media. If you see someone put effort into something, let them know you noticed. Zone into the thing you loved the most and compliment them on it. It's all about them.

You can also let them know if you relate to it. That will make them feel more connected to you, but it should always be about them first.

Ask Questions

Asking questions to keep a conversation flowing is important. I'll admit I don't ask questions at the end of my blog posts. If someone wants to comment I welcome it and reply to all the comments. Questions at the end might not fit into most of the things I write about.

Besides the blog, in real life asking questions is very helpful. I'm a natural curious person so I used my curious nature to fuel conversations. Before, the questions were just stuck in my head and it was hard to voice them. It has become easier.

It's a known fact that humans love to talk about themselves. Asking people questions about themselves helps to fill the silent awkwardness.

I hate when people ask me what I do for a living or things about relationships. But then again I'm very open on my blog. In real life if someone asked me that, I'd still hate it.

Some people can be judgy and I really don't want to explain myself. I should just tell them it's a long story. Read my blog. End of conversation.

That's why it's important to use your intuition when asking questions. If someone gives you a gap so that you can ask a personal question, then go ahead. That means they will bring it up first. Also offer something personal about yourself so that you can seem more human or relatable.

There are closed-ended and open-ended questions. Things that require only yes/no answers and then things that requires longer answers with an opportunity to expand the conversation.

Don't use too many questions that can only be answered by yes and no unless you're in a hurry or love awkward silences.

Make sure you're not the one always controlling the conversation. When you ask open-ended questions you give the other person a chance to open up. Example, "What did you think about (fill in the blank)?" or "Tell me about your day?".

There will be plenty of opportunity to expand on the conversation for both of you. If you lean more towards closed questions it sounds like an interview or an interrogation.

Using open statements like "I've been so tired from work lately" or "I'm so clumsy, I tripped over my own feet earlier" makes you seem more human. It will also prompt the other person to ask "What do you do for a living?" or "What did you trip over and did you get hurt?".

Do you see what just happened there? You turn them into the one asking a question by stating something that piques their curiosity. You create conversation flow.

They will empathise with you because it's a common thing that people are tired from working and everyone has probably tripped. Plus tripping is kinda funny. I often use my clumsy nature and my silliness when talking to people.

I tripped just the other day and Fluff and Buff were all over me with licks and while I was still laying down, Fluffy started chewing my arm. Yep, my dog wants to eat me when I'm vulnerable. She'll probably tell you she was trying to help me up. No, it was definitely an open buffet for her. I was totally freaked out and Buffy just watched as I'm being eaten alive. Moving on...

Watch out for open statements like that when you're talking to someone. Use it as an opportunity to ask questions. Maybe let them know if something similar happened to you. It builds connection when you're relating to similar situations.

Turning the question around also helps with conversation flow. After you answered, ask "And you?" or " What about you?". The fact that they asked you that particular question means they'll have no problem answering it themselves.

Really personal questions should be avoided unless you've known the person for a while and you and them are comfortable talking about personal things.

You can probably test the water by bringing up something personal about yourself and seeing if the person wants to know more and then turn the question around. That way they feel more comfortable sharing because you just shared.

Saying things like "Can I ask you a question?" is really weird. If you're someone that does that, please stop. I know a handful of people in real life that think it's acceptable.

For me personally if someone asks me "Can I ask you something?", then I want to disappear into the nearest hole. It sets up an awkward situation between you and the other person.

Repeating again! Use your God-given intuition when asking questions.

If everything I mentioned so far and will still mention seems like general knowledge, know that it's not. Creating conversation flow was something I struggled with.

Someone told me once to turn the question around and I had no idea what they were talking about. Luckily it clicked afterwards and I got better. Slowly, but surely.

Be Present

Being present means you're listening to the other person. Not just with your ears, but you're in tune with their emotional state and you're actively trying to decipher non-verbal cues etc.

It's again about intuition and these things should come natural to us all. I always treat a person how I want to be treated. If I think something will make me uncomfortable, then I won't put that person in the same position. I put myself in their shoes and in mine.

If you're good with empathy, this won't be a problem. From a young age empathy can be taught. You're not born with it. That's why you see bullying amongst children a lot because they have not developed or learnt empathy yet.

Some grow up without the skill unfortunately. That's why it's important to teach children to be kind to others and to make sure your actions reflect that too. Children are the best at mimicking those who raise them.

Empathy is also learnt from your experiences. I think my empathy developed because of everything I've been through in my life and if I see something similar happening to someone else it's easy for me to put myself in their shoes.

Even though I was not good at verbal communication, I was good at observing others and trying to figure out what makes them tick.

I was born an introvert, my shyness came from not understanding myself and my empathy came from my experiences of being misunderstood. It made me want to understand myself and others better. In the end it was a good thing. Remember what I just said. The things that I thought were curses, were blessings in disguise.

Intuition works better if you know and trust yourself. Also be aware there's your gut/intuition and your other inner voice.

The other inner voice comes from past experiences and how you labelled a certain type of person. For example, some people still treat me a certain way even though I'm completely different now.

They have not caught up yet. Sometimes I have to revert back to match how they see me. It just happens and I find it hard to control. That's how I know they can't be part of my life. It's exhausting when people do that.

It's a common occurrence when you change. You outgrow people. They either need to catch up or you move on. Luckily most people in my life caught up. I've become closer to them. We can actually have conversations now.

Know that outgrowing someone is not about you being better than them. It's about them treating you the same when your rules of how you want to be treated has changed.

Interests change as you change. If you notice you need to catch up to someone then it means you'll need to be present in their life. Notice, listen and enquire about what they've been up to. No assumptions or judgements! Then you might as well go your separate ways.

Expand your Knowledge Base and Be Curious

I try to learn a lot about everything so that it's easy to talk about different things. If I'm clueless about a topic then I ask loads of questions. That way it becomes a learning opportunity instead of a I don't have much in common with this person situation. I'm always up for learning something new. Curiosity is an asset when having conversations.

Practice having Conversations

I used to practice having conversations with people in my head. In front of a mirror too. Weird yes! It helped me be more comfortable with the person because I actually spent hours talking to imaginary them.

I don't do it often anymore because I've become more comfortable having conversations. But there are certain people that still bring on the nerves. Some people just have that ability to make other people around them nervous.

I was actually told once by someone I make them nervous. Not really my problem. I try my best to be nice to everyone. That's all I can do.

The thing with nerves, it's normal. Especially meeting someone for the first time. By meeting two it's better, by meeting three the nerves go away. Depending on how much effort you actually put into getting to know the person of course. Yes you. Not them.

At our core, every human is the same. Treat them like that then you'll be fine. Everyone is just trying their best to make the most out of life.

Practicing anything in your head is good when you're learning something new. The mind forms new links and to the mind it's the same as doing something in real life.

Introvert Alert!

Being an introvert means I prefer alone time over time with other people. I won't go up to someone in real life and introduce myself. The less people I interact with the better. 

life quote

Where some people feel bad that they don't have many friends or they're not popular, I don't have that problem anymore.

Sure, I had many friends throughout my life, but I always faded into the background. My friends shared my values. They liked the same things I liked.

I even had a bunch of extroverted friends. What surprised me most was that I could easily talk to them. Extroverts are all out there. I noticed some of them brought out a more likable version of me. A funnier one. Weird, I thought.

That's how I realised that I have multiple sides to my personality and I can also easily adapt to someones mood or behaviour. I'll never be an extrovert, but it was nice to know that I could borrow from them. Sounds strange what I just said. But there's no other way to say it.

Only once I understood my introverted nature, I made peace with the fact that I'm never going to be the popular one. Life happened and I had to basically start over and figure out how to function alone. There was no more "borrowing".

It was scary yes. Just me and my thoughts. You can't escape depression when that happens. I had to slowly crawl my way out of it. Depression free today for about a year and a half now. I keep wondering when it will come back. It just got up and left. Well it was more complicated than that.

I understand how I function now. I'm not going to fit in everywhere and I refuse to force myself to fit. It's a relief once you embrace who and what you are. No need to try to change for others anymore. I can just be me.

Being an introvert is not a disease that needs curing. I'm actually blessed that I'm one. If you're an introvert, remember it's just part of who you are. The sooner you accept it, the better.

Everything is much easier that way. Even communicating. There is no need to impress anyone. It's a take me as I am, accept me this way or move on. If you're a shy introvert then you can work on your shyness.

You'll probably outgrow your shyness through life experiences. If not, get to know yourself. Learn to love yourself. Stop comparing. No one is perfect. I'm definitely not.

At the same time you're hiding, you're missing an opportunity to show someone your awesomeness. Life is about sharing your gifts with the world. Don't deprive someone of whatever you can offer them.

Online Split Personality

It's no problem for me to be the first to introduce myself on social media though. I'll go say "Hi" and comment first. Compliment them if applicable and like their stuff. Then follow if it's something I'm interested in.

On social media it's draining too, just like in real life. But unlike real life I can actually control the situation better. I gave myself breaks to recharge because I was too busy networking. I joined a lot of blogging groups and it felt like I was being pulled in a lot of different directions.

It's okay to take a break from networking, meeting new people and interacting with them. I love my blog, but it started to feel like a job. It made me tired and took up too much time. It should be all about writing, but it's not.

The breaks helped me refocus. I've automated some of my tasks now. My schedule spreads my interactions out during the week so that it feels more organised. I'm feeling more productive and at the same time I'm not hating my blog for taking all my time and energy.

Be Kind

Say nice things or keep quiet. If you're into spreading hate, remember karma exists. Also remember the things you focus on the most is what you'll attract into your life.

The groups I've joined online and people I follow on social media only consists of positive people sharing their talent and inspiration.

I've made so many online friends and blog friends in the last 6 months. Brilliant, talented people. They make me better. They make this writing thing look easy when it's not. I'm so grateful for all their support.

When you want to grow your blog, following random people sometimes becomes a must. Mistakes were made and then unfollows were necessary.

If I see someone posting things I don't want to see, I unfollow them. It's easy! Just press the button. I don't like swear words and pics of people that should he burned. If you're complaining there's nothing good about certain social media groups, leave.

Find places that share your values and join them. Same with real life. Surround yourself with positive people. With people that encourage you. With people that inspire and motivate.

Their energy will rub off on you and you'll do the same to others. Do you know you're the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most? Think about it.

Stop Complaining

I used to complain a lot. Reason being because I was surrounded by chronic complainers at my old job. Yes, it can force people to sympathise with you but at the end of the day it's negative energy you're spreading.

My bestie is very straight forward with me. He tells me when I complain too much. I sometimes do it still, but I stop myself and think about what kind of energy I'm spreading. I don't want to be that person.

Luckily I have someone that pointed it out and I'm working on it. Everything about my blog and my social media presence is about spreading positiveness. I wanted my blog to be a happy place. Someone can come here for a laugh or a dose of inspiration.

Complaining is normal, but don't let that be what you're known for. There should always be a balance. Too positive is not good either. Makes you seem fake. Life is not all sunshine and roses. There's storms and pain too.

Smile and Laugh

I know some days it's hard to smile or laugh, but then again smiling and laughing tricks the brain into thinking you're happy and pumps you full of happy hormones. In short, it's not going to kill you if you smile at someone or laugh at their jokes.

Gosh! Go ahead and laugh at yourself too while you're at it. It's an act that spreads joy. I'm not a serious type of person. Yes, a third of my blog covers more serious topics and I use my serious voice in there, but in general I love to laugh a lot and be silly. Yes, I finally managed to access that side of me without needing to "borrow". 

I laugh at myself often. It helps me not get too upset about something when I see it through "Oh, it's kinda funny!" glasses.

I smile at everyone I talk to. I'm very animated when I speak. My hands move a lot and my eyes go big or narrow. I never knew until a friend pointed it out. But that's my speaking style. If you attempt to mimic me, then I'd know. You'll look completely insane.

I don't really care if someone doesn't take me seriously. If that's the case then that's their problem. I try my best to balance my different personality sides.

Yes, I can adjust to someones level, but then their seriousness might rub off on me. That's also why I choose who I interact with. It's easy to pick up someones mood.

Thank People and Give Back  

Say thank you to people. Thank them for reading, commenting, sharing and supporting you.

In real life, a simple thank you is very important too. People want to feel appreciated for their effort. For going out of their way to assist you.

Return the favour. I don't get hundreds of shares, but I've found if I share someone elses work, there's a 95% chance they will share something of mine in the future. 

I share random things, not all related to what I write about. If you're not into sharing because you're very niche specific or some other reason, then a like or a thoughtful comment can go a long way too. It means you're acknowledging the person. You like their work. Their efforts.

Everyday I go through my social media accounts and like or plus one posts of the people I follow and who follow me back. It's time consuming yes, but I like doing it. They return the favour and like my stuff back. That just happens on G+ and Instagram I've noticed. It does not work on Twitter or anywhere else for me. 

I might miss a few posts, but it's not the end of the world. I'll catch up when I can.
Unfortunately my doggies make very bad assistants. They're just good at giving me writing material. They aren't good at posing for the camera either. 

Time to Go

I hoped that helped a bit. I know it was a long post, but I had a lot to say. Some people were lucky enough to be natural communicators. For me I had no choice but to learn something that was unnatural to me.

Even though I'm an introvert I still crave having conversations. I can actually talk non-stop sometimes. Random things just pop into my head and come out of my mouth.

I'm glad I got to a point in my life where I'm not afraid to speak. It felt like a prison and no one knew how to help me or understood why I was that way. Through research, observing others and practicing I got better.

If you're struggling to communicate, remember it's not the end of the world. I got better at it and so can you. Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect.

Until next time

NB: NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is one of the tools I've used to help me be more in control of my thoughts and understanding the mind as well as human behaviour. Read up on it. It's very interesting. 

I've linked a NLP essentials book below. It's an Amazon affiliate link with Viglink. There are videos on YouTube also to give you some more insight on this powerful self-help tool.

Pic credit: Pixabay free pics Renza edited.

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Fluffy The Puppy's 10 Rules For The Humans

Fluffy The Puppy's 10 Rules For The Humans

Ruff-ruff!! Hello humans! Since my last post 10 steps to world domination, I've been thinking about what's next after you all become my loyal followers. As your future world leader or like I prefer to be called Queen Fluffy, I wanted to lay down the law.

Every leader needs rules or else the followers will be like wandering sheep. There won't be too many changes.

Note if you are caught not following my rules, there will be consequences. You'll be taken to a special island and we'll mindwipe you and upload what's necessary for you to be more compliant. The pets and other animals will let me know if and when you step out of line.

Fluffy The Puppy's 10 Rules

1. Your work day will only be 7 hours long. Over that then you're disobeying me. No working on Sundays and special public holidays. You get one other day off in the week. That means you have a 5 day work week. I could make it less, but then nothing will get done.

2. Each day around 5 pm you will tune into the Fluffy channel where I will give you a tune-up. The mind control needs to be updated now and again.

Fluffy the puppy tv channel
Followers tuning into Fluffy channel

3. At least an hour a day will be spent playing with your pets. Another 30 minutes to an hour for training if your pet does not know the basic obedience commands. No excuses! Kids will have an extra subject Pets 101 in school where they will learn to train and take care of pets. It starts at a young age. I see some adults need training too.

4. The pets eat with you. If they don't, I'll know.

5. Breeding pets will be illegal. You'll need permission from me and I'll only authorise it if there's a pet shortage.

Fluffy The Puppy's 10 Rules For The Humans - Fluffy island
Fluffy Island

6. Every household is required to have at least one pet. I understand some personalities prefer one over the other. Pets in shelters will automatically be matched to a human to take care of them. My human will write the software application that matches a pet to a suitable human. Her programming skills are a bit rusty, but that's nothing a little bit of yelling at her won't fix.

The pet will be delivered to your doorstep and both of you will be escorted to Fluffy island immediately for training and bonding exercises. The excuse of "I have a busy lifestyle" will no longer be applicable because of shorter work hours. If you are allergic to pets we'll test you for allergies on different breeds. Don't worry! We'll find you a hairless pet if we must.

7. Killing or hurting a pet is illegal and you will be labelled a murderer. The three headed monster will deal with you. They are in charge of 'special cleanup'. There's a black one that looks like a hellhound. There will be no mindwipe for you sorry. Mr. Hellhound is waiting for you.

8. I like a clean world. Those humans who don't have jobs will help with cleanup. Those who litter and pollute will be sent for mindwiping and reprogramming.

9. All wars and crime will end immediately. You know the drill! Try anything and the animals will deal with you. Know when I say animals, I mean all the animals. I'm sure we can get the birds, insects and everyone in the oceans to join forces and team up. Go ahead! Be scared! Grrr...

10. I'll make sure everyone is happy. If you're not, to Fluffy island you go.

There it is! All you have to do is follow my rules and there won't be any trouble. See, I just want to make this world better. A doggie sees all the evil and wants to eliminate it. We are bringers of joy. So get on board humans!


Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy stuff, part-time blogger
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands, destroying everything in sight and cuddles
Dislikes: Baths, being picked up and self-cloning Needleman

Pic credit: Renza human took pics of me and edited. Mixed with Pixabay image.

P.S.  I've selected an assortment of personalised products below. When I'm Queen Fluffy you and your pet will be required to wear your pet's name on you at all times. The paw print is for identification purposes so that we know the pet is yours. They are affiliate links and we'll get a few cents per click to go towards my world domination fund. It will cost you nothing to click humans. Thank you! Ruff!

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The Thrill Of The Chase - A Dog's Perspective

The Thrill Of The Chase - A Dog's Perspective

Woof!! Hello you guys! I have always loved the thrill of the chase. Whether it's a ball, ropey or even Fluffy.

There's just something primal in chasing my prey. Not that Fluffy is prey, but she has interfered with my chasing time though. Grrr! Mommy Renza has still not figured out how to make us play fetch together. Help you guys!

She takes everything mommy throws to fetch off me. So instead of chasing the ball or ropey, I'm chasing Fluffy. That means I still get my chase on.

Mommy says we're playing too rough. She should just move out of the way! Last time I ran into her at lightning speed and her leg was swollen and sore for a whole week. Sorry Renza! But if you're in the way of the chase then you're bound to get hurt.

So why do dogs like chasing things so much? I hear "Fetch!", then I drop everything to go fetch. Whyyyyyy?!!

We are part wolf, so that means we're hunters. But does that really explain why we chase everything that moves or flies through the air? Yes it does!

Chasing increases our happy hormone levels and makes us feel super excited. It's like a drug.

There's an article here if you want to know more about the chasing behaviour. Don't go read it now. That's just rude. It's Buffy time now! Save it for later. Grrr!

Some dogs like the chase too much. Addicts! I was one of them I'll admit. I've limited it to inside the yard. I don't go running outside anymore.

Things that are built into our DNA like hunting, chasing, digging etc, needs an outlet. Some doggies are more prone to a certain type of behaviour.

Set up controlled environments so that they can get their fix on. Learn to understand why your dog does something first by researching the behaviour, training and focusing the behaviour into a safer option instead of just yelling at them to stop.

Knowledge is power you guys.

I used to chew on my blanket and take it out when mommy wanted to play ball with me. But when I got ropey (link to ropey's sister) I no longer chewed my blanket and took it out during playtime.

The Thrill Of The Chase - A Dog's Perspective - Buffy's toy rope

Ropey filled my chewing need during playtime that a ball couldn't and mommy throws it so I still get my chase on. See! We filled a need with a suitable replacement.

Lets hope Fluffy learns some manners soon and stop taking my toys. She's very rude you guys! Renza needs to teach her or soon I will! She won't like my teaching style. Grrr!!

Mommy fills our need for chasing by limiting us to the yard and closing the entrances so that we stay safe in one place.

I'm sure you humans can find a fix for whatever behaviour your dog is displaying that's not acceptable.

Time to go now you guys. Fluffy wants to play again. She's like my shadow and I try to run a little faster than her so that she's actually chasing me.

It's part of my lesson plan, plus a doggie wants to feel what it's like to be chased too. You know, for research purposes!

Woof!! Wooooof!!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Me (Buffy) and Ropey posing in pics. Plus Pixabay free stock images that mommy Renza edited.

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How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up

How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up

Those who follow my blog should all know my sweet Buffy. Or Buff-buff as I like to call him. He's also my doeboe, my sweetiepie and some other names lol

You should also know that Buffy survived a dog attack by my neighbour's three dogs. These three were very territorial and back then he wanted to be friends with everyone. He went into their yard and they didn't like that.

I'm not going to go into detail, but it was a near fatal wound in the neck and he spent three weeks in the animal hospital. The longest three weeks of my life.

The reason why I'm bringing up such a painful memory, is because when I saw my Buffy fight for his life, it made me want to fight for my own.

The other day while talking to someone about reasons why people change, it came to me that what happened to my dog Buffy, was one of the defining moments that made me want to change.

There were a lot of nudges yes. Even signs telling me it's time to change. I just didn't know how or if I could. But when you witness a miracle like that, it changes you forever. It changed me. That event shoved me forward and it was impossible to look back.

He's a dog, but he's so much more. He got a second chance and so did I. He reminded me that second chances are possible.

Dogs are amazing like that. He then went on to teach me what unconditional love is. The purest form of love.

At that time I had everyone in my life questioning why I left my job and what my plans were. They didn't know how lost I felt. Buffy didn't care. He just wanted to be there for me and I wanted to be there for him. We helped each other heal.

How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up quote

I was never a dog or a pet person before that happened, but this beautiful creature made me see how special they really are.

When I was at my lowest, he was there to offer his licks. I know just a moment with him makes me feel that everything will be ok. He survived and I will too.

He's been there every step of the way. Cheering me on. I do all of this for you buddy. You showed me to never give up.

I've changed so much in these last two years. It was not easy, but I had my two best friends by my side.  My human one and my furry one.

Each taught me different lessons and I'm continuing to learn from them and everyone else who crosses my path.

I could write an entire post about my human bestie, but he won't like that very much lol. I'll tell you this, he's a survivor too. A beautiful soul.

Of course there's my new fluff ball that's turning out to be a super awesome dog. Fluffy taught me patience. I never got to raise Buffy and I think or at least hope I'm doing an okay job with her so far.

She's not just cute, she's intelligent and friendly. She's also the craziest dog I've ever come across. Those stories she writes come from a true place.

This fluff ball has plans! How she moves and everything she does makes me feel like I'm in the presence of a dog wanting to be a leader and I take on her persona when I write her stories. It's the craziest thing!

Buffy is still alpha dog here and he lets her know. But she also yells at him when she can't get her way. I get yelled at too lol. Yes she has a specific bark for yelling.

I take note of their different bark sounds. She also howls when she hears singing. Yes! She's a strange one. But she's all mine and I'm so proud of her. Of them.

Buffy helps to teach her important lessons about being a dog. I call her little Buffy sometimes, because she copies everything he does.

My dogs are my life. It's as simple as that. Most people won't get it. Yes they drive me insane sometimes, but I laugh about what they do together all day. They are also the reason why I'm here.

They play or sleep all day and don't have a care in the world. They would chase each other around the yard, then around my car! They look completely insane when they play.

Buffy makes weird noises and Fluffy goes all out trying to outrun him or jump on him. They wrestle and then they run again. Break, water, repeat! I'll shout at them to not play so rough, but then I just watch how happy they are. Pure joy. It's contagious.

Fluffy was not just my gift, but Buffy's too. He seemed lonely and I wanted him to have another bestie. A human can only provide so much entertainment. But another dog made him really happy.

He's different now. He was really sad after the attack. I helped him as much as I could and he got a little better. But he lost something that day. With Fluffy here, he's regaining a bit of what he lost.

Fluffy's friendly puppy nature is rubbing off on Buff. She greets everyone with a friendly body shake greeting that comes here. Buffy seems calmer and won't jump and bark at people like before. They are learning from each other and I'm learning from them.

I said in my last post "No one is coming to save you. Be your own hero". I take it back. My dog saved me. He's my hero.

Love you my sweet Buffy and Fluffy ♥

Until next time

Pic credit: Buffy and Fluffy pics Renza edited.

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Fluffy's 10 Steps To World Domination.

Fluffy's 10 Steps To World Domination.

Ruff-ruff!!! Hello humans! I'm glad to report my plan for world domination is on track. Soon you will be chanting my name while bowing down. Be sure to order your comfy knee pillows now already. Scraped knees from bowing is a bad look.

Every leader needs a plan. Being cuddly and cute just won't cut it. If it did, then you humans would have had replacement knee caps by now from all the bowing. So what is holding the cats and dogs back from total world domination? I worked out a 10 step plan to see if I can succeed.

Fluffy's World Domination plan

1. Target a human, the only dog lover in the house and follow her everywhere. She will soon love me and do anything for me. Check!

2. Once the human Renza loves me, she'll share pics of me all over social media and introduce me as her new cute puppy. Check!

3. Go one step further and mind control my human to write down all my thoughts on her blog and make everyone fall in love with me. Check!

4. Help the human grow my followers...I mean our followers. Let Buffy in on my brilliant plan and convince him to join forces. Check!

Loyal Life and Dog stuff follower
Loyal Life and Dog stuff follower

5. Buffy, who is a fan favourite, writes about how I'll be cloned because he's now in on it. Not just a normal clone, but a cat-dog clone. That means not only dog people are reading our blog, but cat people too. Everyone wants their own Fluffy cat-dog clone. Check!

6. Me telling you all I'm going to be your leader and you're thinking I'm the cutest and smartest leader ever. "Omgawd soooo cuuute", you keep saying. Check!

7. All my followers share me all over social media. Apparently social media is where everyone lives these days. Check!

Fluffy the puppy on world news
This will happen in the near future

8. I add subliminal messages in the shares that brainwash the humans. It spreads like a virus. One human sees the message and everyone they come into contact with gets infected.

9. Oops! Too late! You are all under my control now and you will do as I ask.

10. Every human, including the ones running countries get themselves a knee pillow and do some loyal bowing. From far and wide "Fluffy!" is chanted.

Fluffy the puppy in newspaper
Future news
There it is! The perfect plan. As you can see,  more than half of the steps have been completed already. Right now you're probably smiling, laughing or just rolling your eyes, because your happy pills are up. Don't worry eye rollers, I will win you over soon. My human Renza and Buffy have no interest in the throne. But I'm not them! QUEEN ME PLEASE!!!


Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy stuff, part-time blogger
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands, destroying everything in sight and cuddles
Dislikes: Baths, being picked up and self-cloning Needleman

Pic credit: Renza human took pics of me and edited. Main image is from Pixabay edited by her.

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Fight Like Cat and Dog

Fight like cat and dog

Woof! Hello guys! Us doggies have a type of love-hate relationship with the cats. They have completely different personalities than us. They are catty and we are uhm...not catty.

I'm not sure where it all started. They are our main competition when it comes to being the ideal pet. You get dog people and then you get cat people. Some humans prefer both. I think those humans might have a multiple personality disorder.

Mommy Renza had a cat when she was small. He was black and slept on top of her head every night. Creepy yes!

Her mommy also had two cats and when she slept over there, the cats would sneak into her room and jump on her bed to go sit in the window. Imagine you're sleeping and something jumps on you? Yes I know. I'll be freaked out too.

So I guess she never became a cat person due to the sleep disturbing and being all freaked out. Who knows why someone becomes a cat person or a dog person? Or a both person. Is it how the human brain is wired? These are serious questions you guys.

There's even a saying "fight like cat and dog". Not fight like dog and dog, but cat and dog. That means this feud has been going on forever.

I'm not really sure what I'll do if and when I encounter a cat. There might be lots of chasing and maybe a paw fight. I can't promise anything.

Renza is thinking about getting a cat. She sees them all over social media being all cute and catty. Hey! Isn't Fluffy catty enough? She can scratch better than a cat. Plus she barks like a dog. So it's safe to say she's a cat-dog. A hybrid!

I think I just solved the cat and dog feud. Can I get a bunch of cat-dogs please? Make it snappy! Mr. Evolution is slow as a snail. This cat-dog thing will take some time to happen unfortunately.

We could clone Fluffy, but that would be wrong. I think. Fluffy wants to dominate, so making copies of her will be the end of everything. War of the Fluffy clones! I'm getting chills you guys.

Believe me you do not want a thousand Fluffy clones. Maybe a few for cuddles. She will be solely responsible for uniting the cats and dogs. On second thought, that might be a good thing! Can I have a thousand Fluffy cat-dog clones please?!!

Cats, if you happen to read this, I hope we can make peace some day. The humans can fight all they want over silly things, but us pets must stick together.

Fluffy clones
Fluffy clones gathering...
Time to go now you guys. You can put in your Fluffy cat-dog order as soon as we clone a sample for testing. Us at Life and dog stuff will keep you updated.

Woof! Wooooof!!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Me (Buffy) and Fluffy posing in pics. Plus Pixabay free stock images that mommy Renza edited.

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How to Change a Negative Belief

How to change a negative belief

"I'm a failure", "I'm not good enough", "I'm all alone" and "No one will ever love me". Sounds familiar? I bet we all believed at least one of those things about ourselves at some point in our lives. Some still do after years of growing and changing.

I believed all of those things about myself. Some beliefs I was unaware of. Some were in my face reminding me every single day. Looping in my head like a stuck tape recorder. Frustrating!

On my self-discovery journey, I researched solutions or ways to get rid of these negative thoughts or beliefs. I came across Byron Katie's The Work. This is such a sweet dear lady and just listening to her talk, makes me feel that I'm in the presence of someone that has done a lot of healing and good in this world. I admire her so much.

Basically she created a worksheet called the judge-your-neighbour worksheet. You fill it out and it forces you to question your thoughts and see how your mind is lying to you. Awesome yes!

My readers should all know my writing style by now. I write about personal experiences. That's why I'll share how The Work helped me. A fellow blogger called me transparent once. I feel I need to be so that others can relate. How else am I going to inspire change in others? Can't force someone to change, right? People change by seeing how others changed.

When I was at varsity, I met this guy. He really annoyed me and I had no idea why. We became friends for some reason and then a few years later, he became my very first boyfriend. Oh wow! Yes I was a late bloomer.

I fell hard and was so happy that I've finally found someone that wanted to be with me (red flag). Unfortunately, he ended it soon afterwards. His exact words "You're too closed up". I had no idea what that meant and didn't bother to ask (mistake). A year went by and I met someone else and my ex became a very close friend for some reason. Yep! I kept him around (whyyyyyy?).

Another year went by and guess what I did? My ex wanted me back and I said goodbye to a really nice guy that actually made time for me to go back to someone that called me 'closed up'. Three months later, it happened again. This time he said, "It's not working out". Geez!

So he broke my heart not once, but twice. I was plagued by uncertainty. Why didn't he love me? What's wrong with me? Worst of all I believed that no one will ever love me, because I will never be good enough. This one guy made me think that about myself. I believed that for years. Time wasted.

That experience caused a lot of pain and self-doubt in my life. I thought maybe I should try Byron's way to resolve it. I then filled out a worksheet and questioned the thought, "He doesn't love me, because I'm not good enough".

What the worksheet requires is for you to ask if it's true and then turn the question around on yourself. I filled out the worksheet and wrote, "I will never love me, because I'm not good enough". I didn't love myself that's why I believed that.

While continuing to answer the questions I made another discovery.  I thought that being with my ex made me happy. The questions made me see that I was actually miserable the entire time. He was not really the type of guy I wanted to be with.

He was always unavailable and never made time for me. Our interactions were awkward and uncomfortable. I resented him for not being there for me, became insanely jealous and started to hate his friends for always being there. Crazy times!

I never gave him me. That part of yourself where you share your hopes and dreams. Your fears and everything that makes you, you. He never saw me. It finally made sense what he said the two times he broke up with me. I was shocked how I couldn't see it for years.

He truly is an amazing decent guy, but he wasn't the one I wanted to share everything with. Last year I ran into him. Guess the universe was testing me. Glad to report that I felt nothing for him. I was so happy that I was finally free of that pain.

He taught me a valuable lesson - That I have to love myself first, before others can learn to love me. He was not responsible for the pain I felt all those years. He was just a guy that made me see the wounds I was carrying around. Of course that time I couldn't see what his presence in my life was trying to teach me. Plus the other guys that came after him were all reflecting the fact that I didn't love myself. Glad I woke up.

So I got that all cleared up and it prompted me to work on my other self-love issues. I had to do a few of these worksheets to work through my stuff. When I came to a block, I tried other tools and methods to clear whatever was left.

Byron Katie always says that our problems are universal. Things like heartbreak, loss, feelings of loneliness etc. It's true. If you follow her Youtube channel where she helps people work through their worksheets, there's a lot of moments where you can relate to a similar situation in your own life.

A negative belief can be compared to a table and the table's legs is everything in your life that contributed to that belief still standing firmly. Your job is to break the legs of the table. Make it invalid.

There's another approach to finding out what negative beliefs or core beliefs you have. Teal Swan, a spiritual teacher says you can ask yourself two questions whenever you get upset in your daily life.

Say for example you get upset because other people in your house don't clean up after themselves. You say, "This house is a mess!!" (That's happens to me a lot). Ask yourself...
  1. If that is true, why is that so bad?
  2. What does that mean to me or mean about me?
You alternate between these two questions depending on what your answer is, until you get to the core belief. My core belief was "I'm all alone". I knew I was feeling lonely, but it was odd to find out that the feeling surfaced in other ways like getting upset over a messy house.

When I worked on the I'm alone belief, it changed to "I'm not good enough". Then to "They are all going to leave me some day". Now it has changed to "I want to feel appreciated". I need to work on that one now. I have to see or gather proof that I'm appreciated.

Especially at home my opinion counts very little sometimes and if I do something a different way, it's seen as wrong even though it makes more sense to me. I guess because they see me as young and inexperienced.

All of this is like an onion. Layers! I peel away one and another one surfaces. Hey, at least I managed to work through the other ones. The loneliness one was the worst feeling ever. 

Next you list reasons to support or debunk your core belief. Write these down. If you have to put sticky notes everywhere to remind yourself of this, do it. Teach your mind to believe something different.

Example: Core Belief  -  I'm not good enough
Is it true? List reasons to make it invalid.
  •  I'm needed by others
  •  I achieved...(List achievements big or small)
  •  I try my best to be a better person.
  •  I'm smart, creative, resourceful etc
  •  So and so thinks I'm special so why argue with that. Etc...
Next, make a list of reasons why you think you're not good enough. Just for fun!
  •  That one idiot told me that one time I sucked (just example).
  •  My family was never happy with my grades even though I tried my best.
  •  That stupid boy left me because he thought I was not good enough for him. 
When you're done with your list of reasons why you think you're not good enough, fill out one of Byron Katie's worksheets for each and see the truth. This is obviously just one example of a core belief and you will have your own that you need to break down and work through.

So if you ever find yourself upset about something, then that's the perfect opportunity to do some self reflection. You can distract yourself like you always do or scream at the top of your lungs, but then you'll miss out on a chance to see why something is really bothering you and you can start to patch up a wound.

Remember these things will bother you until you deal with them. The people in your life will be the best reflection of your internal issues. They are good at pressing our buttons. Especially the ones closest to us.

There you go! Hope this helps. I'll leave some links to Teal Swan and Byron Katie sites below. I'm open to Teal's ideas. Anything that will help me make more sense of this life. I'm someone that test things and if they work, I apply them to my life.

My spiritual journey is all about searching for answers. That means I'm not limited by my religion. I was never made to fit in a box. My whole life is proof of that. I'm all about practical solutions to problems. If it does not work, I'll move on to test some other theory.

Time to peel the onions. Yes onions are the worst and make you cry, but they are necessary for adding flavour to dishes. Same thing applies to your life. You have to face your demons in order to overcome them.

No more ignoring or avoiding them. I accumulated a lot of demons and the more I deal with them, the easier it gets. I have a few still hiding. I'll get to them sooner or later. No one is coming to save you. Be your own hero. Slay those demons. I believe you can.

Link for Byron KatieThe Work by Byron Katie
- Check out Byron's resources page and get your free judge-your-neighbour worksheet. Guide videos are free to watch too. She has a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos helping people to see the lies they tell themselves. Very interesting. No excuses.

Link for Teal SwanTeal Swan's website
- This is a link to an article she wrote on how to identify a core belief. She explains it better than me. Her YouTube channel links are on her website too. Check it out!

Until next time

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Pic credit: Pixabay pics Lorenza edited.

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Fluffy the Puppy Growing Up

Ruff-ruff!! Hello humans! So I've been part of this world for about 4 months now. It's not too bad. I get to play with my bestie Buffy every day and I have Renza mommy that takes care of me. She calls me Fluffy long legs because I'm growing up fast. She thinks she's funny! Grrr!

Soon I'll be able to jump on the chairs just like Buffy. I can already do it, but not as good as Buff yet. He runs in a speed, then jumps. I've watched him do it, so soon I'll be joining him on the couch.

My teeth are all chipped away from all the chewing. I'm told soon I'll be getting some new teeth. Bigger! Sharper! I can't wait! Then I can do some real damage.

These humans keep leaving their things everywhere. I guess they want me to chew on it. Only mommy keeps her stuff out of reach though. Otherwise everyone else's shoes and clothing are given freely to me to chew on. I know right? They're soooo nice.

I'm just as tall as Buffy now. Mommy says it looks like I might get taller and it seems like I'm mixed with a bigger dog with straight hair. That means Buffy and I might look a little different, but not by much.

Mommy calls me small Buffy. Dur! I'm just as big as him. He just has a lot of hair and more weight. He's very heavy! When we play he sits on me. He thinks he's funny! I climb on his back and just stick there like glue to annoy him. Then he tries to shake me off. Guess he has no idea how glue works.

We have fun playing and chasing each other around in the yard and through the house sometimes. We almost ran mommy over that one time. Well who told her to stand in our way! Just imagine how she would fly through the air...We are super fast and can do serious damage to a in the way person. Out of our way human!

I think I'm getting too big for my bed. Renza human should get me a new one asap. I've already started chewing and tearing it up. I've taken out the insides too, just like we did with Buffy's bed. I had to fight with the human because she refused to let me eat it.

A puppy can't even taste things around here without being chased around. But luckily I'm hard to catch and just run in circles around the human. She moves at a snail's pace. Are all humans this slow or is it just this one?

Everyone that comes here keeps saying I'm soooo big now. I dance for them and lick them to make sure they feel welcome. Buffy does not like greeting people. He just warns everyone there's visitors and barks at them. He's an introvert like Renza mommy. They don't like to have people around them. Luckily I'm there to balance out their weirdness.

Time to go now humans. I see someone left me a shoe to chew on. Why can't mommy do nice things like that? I had to fight her for just one slipper. Well she did leave me a toilet roll this morning to make pretty snow with. Guess that counts!

Ruff!! Ruff!!

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy stuff, part-time blogger
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands and destroying everything in sight
Dislikes: Baths, being picked up and self-cloning Needleman

Pic credit: Renza human took pics of me.

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Mind Control - A Skill All Dogs Should Know

Mind control - A skill all dogs should know

Woof! Hello humans! As you all may know by now, doggies have multiple skills. From being natural guard dogs, to making their humans have one-sided conversations with them. Or are they really one-sided?

Have you ever wondered why humans talk to their dogs? Mommy Renza knows exactly what Fluffy and I are saying and we don't even talk. Well not in human language. Weird right?

Besides her being good at reading our body language, she says and does things that might seem weird to an onlooker. Pet owners will get it. People that don't have pets just look at pet owners like they need to be locked up in straitjackets and padded walls.

Pet owners aren't crazy you guys. Dogs are just good at mind control. We've been controlling the human since forever. Why do you think they domesticated us? Long ago, food was scarce. Doggies and our cousins the wolves hunted together, but the doggies were really bad at it. We preferred playing with our food. One day, we came across our very first victim. Uhmm...I mean human.

mind control dogs

We stared deep into their eyes and made them love us. They took us into their living space and we've been controlling them ever since. Don't worry! It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. They get unconditional love and are pumped full of happy hormones. We get to eat for free, have a nice place to sleep and play as much as we want. Win win!

Some humans aren't open to the mind control though. We call them people that don't have pets. Petless for short. We aren't sure why, but they seem to have a mental block that we can't get through. Mommy Renza had a block like that and after years of trying,  I finally got through.

She's under my control now. Not sure what happened though. Oh yes! She made the mistake of staring deep into my eyes that one day when I was bitten. She told me everything was going to be ok. She was a goner then. I'll admit, me too. See! Mutually beneficial.

Problem is once we take control of the human, we take on their personality too. We also feel for them what they feel for us. It's a glitch in our mind control ability and we have not figured out a way around it yet.

Our plan is to control every human on the planet. I did it with mommy, so other dogs can do it too. The cats are also helping, but they have their own way of doing things. We've already taken over the Internet and social media. Pets all over are working hard to reach our collective goal of complete human mind control domination.

Petless humans, please don't be scared. We just want everyone to be happy. Soon we will find a way to get through your mental block and you won't be able to resist us. Might as well give in now. Your fate is sealed. There's a furry friend around every corner watching and waiting until your defences are down.

See you soon humans
Woof!! Wooooooff!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Me (Buffy) posing in pics. Plus Pixabay free stock images that mommy edited.

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